Focus on the Lovaganza 2020 Celebrations

In the year 2020, there will be worldwide celebrations that will be inspired by Bohemian adventure, and expected to showcase all the cultures on earth. The celebrations are expected to have great and revolutionary entertainment from breathtaking appeals, action films and exhibitions. The LOVAGANZA 2020 celebrations are expected to be reminiscent of the ‘Cinerama’ classic feel, and nostalgia of the ‘World’s Fairs‘ of the old era. The celebrations will be inspired by every nation’s history, current and prospects in the world. They have been slated to run between May and September 2020 concurrently in eight flagship places around the world.

What will the celebrations entail?

The organizers have planned to showcase them via motion pictures, immersive exhibitions, attractions and live events. All this will be used to live up to the theme of the Lovaganza dubbed “getting on a Bohemian voyage round the globe.”

Change of Dates

Although the event had been earlier scheduled for 2015, the organizers pushed the celebrations to 2020. Lovaganza was informed by the need to utilize the new entertainment technologies that are emerging, and incorporate novel cutting-edge notions. This will help in better realizing the experience of being exposed to the many different cultures present on planet earth. The celebrations will take place simultaneously in various locations among them Europe, Africa, America, Oceania, Asia and the Middle East. The four month long celebrations are expected to culminate with an unprecedented ceremony of Hands across the World.

Schedule Before 2020

Before 2020, there is a preceding schedule that has been planned to include a Traveling Show on Facebook, expected to start in 2017. The show will among other things be involved in promoting the upcoming 2020 celebrations, and the goals and missions behind it. It will also present a sample of some 3D immersive experiences via cinematic glasses-free of the Lovaganza across the globe. There will be three main motion pictures released before 2020. The motion pictures will be presented on traveling pavilions of the Lovaganza and viewed on the new 3D technology that is glassless. They will also be available for the standard 2D and 3D theaters. The preliminary film trilogy footage has started shooting in a number of countries that include Spain, France and the U.S. the shooting will then resume in India, Africa and other areas in the world.

Film Trilogy

During the traveling venues of Lovaganza, the film trilogy will be showcased on Immerscope screens that are groundbreaking, and create a never seen before cinematic experience that will be immersive.  However, the exhibition of the Lovaganza event will be done on screens that depict the latest and leading technology edge of the present and future.


LOVAGANZA planning and branding protocol are organized in two structures: Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise for profit, and the Lovaganza Foundation for non-profit. The foundation uses the visibility and success of its profit venture to offer a positive impact and lend assistance to local and universal initiatives. See:

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