Can Changing An Office Environment Really Transform Office Creativity? Marc Sparks Thinks So

When starting a new company, it is important to take time to locate and identify a positive office location and environment. Too many people don’t take this situation seriously and just move into any old office that they can find. To successful businessman Marc Sparks, this is a major mistake, as he believes changing an office environment can contribute to better overall office creativity.

Who Is Marc Sparks?

Marc Sparks is a well-respected businessman, author, and philanthropist that has had a lot of real success in the world. He is the CEO, founder, and owner of Timber Creek LP. This firm helps take private equity and maximize its success with the various investors on which it focuses. It is based in Dallas and is just one of Sparks’ most recent and successful investments.

But Sparks is not just a man grasping for cash and success for its own sake: he has long been a true humanitarian. For example, he started “Sparkey’s Kids” to donate laptop computers to at-risk children who needed them for homework and other important tasks. He is also a major contributor to “The Samaritan Inn,” a homeless shelter that helps provide beds for 160 people every night.

What Are His Office Beliefs?

In 2015, Sparks moved the office of Timber Creek Capital to an entirely new location. This was after over a decade in their original location. The reasoning was simple: Sparks believed that the old office was holding back the success of his company and the creativity of his employees. At the time, he had this to say about the move and office creativity in general:

“… As a serial entrepreneur and student of what it takes to succeed in this world, I have found that a quality, conducive and collaborative work environment is no less than 25% of the overall ingredients necessary to succeed.”

He went on to ask “…would you thrive better or be more inspired with your office in a warehouse where the windows were blacked out due to the sketchy (but up and coming)neighborhood or on the first floor of a retail space on 5thAvenue (NY) with lots of windows and successful people walking by?”

The idea he was hinting at between these two excessive extremes was the importance of having a comfortable and relaxing environment in which to work. There is a flow of energy that exists in an office and a bad flow can result in poor work.

Much of that influence would fall on the shoulders of bad design choices and other problems plaguing the business. The idea behind his move was to take his company out of that environment and place them in a new one.

Securus Video Visitation for Christmas

The Christmas visitation video provided by Securus Technologies reminded me of a painful time when I was unable to have a visit with my incarcerated loved one.


When my wife was sent to a prison in Gatesville, Texas for a short stretch over as string of unfortunate bad choices she was totally isolated from her family for what felt like an eternity.


When we were able to set up a visitation, I drove the 2 ½ hours to see her only to find that there was a mistake in the paperwork and I wasn’t scheduled at all and couldn’t get one that day.


This was like poking a hole in the psychological bubble she held. Since it had already been a month since I last saw her, she had her hopes for a glorious reunion.

I can only imagine the hurt and sorrow that she must have felt. It was an enormous letdown for her not to see her loved ones after such a long time.


Imagine never having to worry about being bumped, missing your scheduled time, or having your appointment slip through the cracks. Video visitation allows the inmate and the family to stay connected in the setting of private visitation booths without the interference of prison personnel standing guard. Visitations are now guaranteed to be accurate, on time and in complete privacy.


The lack of interaction with family is also known to be a large factor on the psyche of the prisoner and is closely aligned to their recidivism rate. This interaction is an important and necessary element to the well-being of the inmate and also reduces the amount stress and violence at correctional facilities.


Securus Technologies is correctly this problem by providing video visitation system that is being installed in prison systems around the United States. The video visitation not only allows the prisoner to stay connected with their family, it allows the family that has to travel, confirm that they have an appointment before they begin their journey.


Securus has spanned the gap caused by the inconvenience, distractions, and impersonal prison visitation system. They provide family members with a means to see and speak to a loved one in a more intimate setting and, in many cases, have more visitation time allotted to them.



Lovaganza 2020 Draws Closer As Film Production Heads To Abbey Road Studios

The Lovaganza Foundation is now on the home stretch in terms of the production of their first movie in a planned trilogy that will act as an introduction to a planned global event taking place in 2020. As the production of the first film in the series, “Follow Your Sunshine” draws to a close and will be released in 2018 an accompanying animated series is also nearing the end of its production stage; “The Marvelous 12” animated series has now made its way to Abbey Road Studios in a bid to create the perfect soundtrack for the animated series.

In 2020, the Lovaganza Foundation is planning to create one of the largest events the world has ever seen in a bid to increase the education of people from all over the world by creating a technology based experience that allows different cultures to be understood. The Lovaganza 2020 event will provide more than just an amazing movie going experience in the pavilion area of each of the eight global destination on Twitter, instead interactive exhibits and live shows will bring each cultural experience alive for those who attend. Running from May to September 2020, the creative minds behind Lovaganza are hoping their huge 3D movie experience will bring in millions of visitors who will be among the first to enjoy a glasses free 3D experience at

Lovaganza leaders, J.F. and Genevieve Gagnon, have made their way to London’s Abbey Road studios to record the soundtrack to “The Magnificent 12” animated series as the filmmakers believe every aspect of their productions should be created to the highest possible quality level. Among the reasons J.F. Gagnon has given for taking the Lovaganza production of the animated series telling the backstory of many characters in their movie trilogy are the fact these historic production facilities are known as world leaders in equipment and sound quality.

Bringing the production to the iconic London studios also gives the creators of the series the chance to work with leading figures in the music industry, including world renowned arranger Chris Elliot. J.F. and Genevieve Gagnon have composed all the music for the animated series on Tumblr and hope Elliot will bring some of the musical magic he has created in the past to movies like “Moulin Rouge” and tracks by Amy Winehouse to their much anticipated entertainment franchise.

Transit Experts Brainstorm on Williamson County’s Traffic Problem

A recent Williamson County Growth Summit sought to address the transportation challenges facing the people living in the outskirts of the city of Austin, unlike earlier meetings which concentrated on the city itself.


The panel consisted of the Executive Director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Mike Heiligenstein, the Texas External Affairs Director of Uber Technologies Inc. Leandre Johns, the founder of RideScout LLC Joseph Kopser, and Jared Ficklin of ArgoDesign.


The meeting took place at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel and Conference Center, and its theme was to discuss how technology is influencing transportation in the region of Austin and internationally.


Heiligenstein noted that even though advanced technological breakthroughs like ride-sharing apps and autonomous cars will dramatically transform transportation, Austin area still needs to invest in more and smarter roads to expand its transportation capacity. This move is to meet the mobility demands of the rapidly growing local populace.


He acknowledged that Williamson authorities had worked tirelessly to install infrastructure for the past 15 years. However, he felt that since more people are migrating to the area every day, the remaining corridors should be made more efficient and technically advanced.


Jared Ficklin said that land-use and building codes needed to be flexible. He gave an example of the parking garages of the future which will be almost the same size as a car. They will also have multiple levels, with integrated service stations and charging stations. He wondered if the current building code would accommodate such a garage.


Johns of Uber Technologies said that there was the need for a service that would cater for the first and last mile. He felt that people would be reluctant to use public transit means if they had to walk to and from the bus terminus. He said that ride-sharing companies like Uber would solve that problem inexpensively.


The Role of Central Texas Regional Mobility


Central Texas Regional Mobility is an independent government corporation which has served the people since 2002. Its role is to design a modernized transport system in Central Texas. Mike Heiligenstein, the Executive Director of the agency, has been running it since its launch. He is the president of the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association. He is also a member of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute advisory board. Before joining the mobility board, he was a Williamson county’s public official for 23 years.


Mike supervised the agency’s very first project dubbed 183A, which saw the adoption of a cashless toll collection system in the Williamson County. The authority is working closely with regional transportation players to evaluate six planned expressways in Texas.

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How Mike Baur Supports Startup Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur in these challenging economic times is a tough task. It’s simply too difficult for one person to go at it alone, so for that reason Mike Baur is there to support entrepreneurs when they need it the most. Mike Baur is part of a major Fintech Startup group (Swiss Startup Factory), which is a direct result of his years of experience in the financial sector. He knows the financial industry in and out, and can thus serve as a great example to those whom are looking to launch businesses of their own. For him, it has been a journey of entrepreneurship and dreams which he has pursued.


Mike began supporting entrepreneurs at the age of 39 in light of his successful career. He has the educational background to prove it, as he holds an MBA degree from the Universty of Bern which is one of the top schools in Switzerland. Mike began his career at UBS, where he was nothing more than a commercial apprentice. From commercial apprentice, he moved his way up to board member from that lowly apprentice position. He left a successful career in order to leveraage his experience for the benefit of supporting entrepreneurs. His apprenticeship led to his positions which he has been able to succeed in.


Mike then proceeded to be very successful in all of his pursuits, large and small. He understands the benefit of being able to incubate a small business in the rapidly growing financial technology industry. The Swiss Startup Factory is responsible for many success stories through it’s accelerator program. The portfolio includes a social anxiety platform, an accounting startup for small businesses, a startup rating system, an educational technology startup, and a clean air company. These companies are known for their ability to innovate, and many of these success stories come out of the 3-month accelerator program for which Swiss Startup Factory is known. The startup factory is a multi-step program aimed at building products, reaching goals, demo-ing, and expanding the startup abroad. The group aims to build a new company which is a legal entity and a great business. They provide everything that a new startup needs to get off the ground, whether it’s office space or any other space with which individuals need to work in. Mike Baur can have the potential to have a strong impact on building the startup environment.




Billy McFarland;Looking out for Millenials

Billy McFarland is a tech entrepreneur who understands the needs of the young people. He knows how it feels to be young and broke. All one can do is sit back and watch the old and the rich enjoy services. It’s for this reason that he decided to invent a Black card that catered for the needs of the young people living in the eastern coast cities.

At the moment, Billy McFarland serves as the Chief Executive Officer of a company called Magnises. Billy has designed the Black card to make life easier for young professionals aged between 21 and 35 years. Billy was born in New York, New York 25 years ago. He spent his childhood in Short Hills, New Jersey.

According to Fortune, from an early age, Billy McFarland showed interest in entrepreneurship as he established his first company at the age of 13 years. He attended Bucknell University to study computer engineering. During his days as a freshman, he formed a company called Spling that specialized in web services. Later on, he established Magnises around 2013.

Currently, Magnises has managed to attract more than 10,000 subscribers in just two cities, New York and Washington DC. Most of its subscribers are professionals working in the technology industry, fashion, and finance sector. The black card also has subscriptions from notable people such as basketball players and actresses.

Some of the businesses that have partnered to do business with Billy include La Esquina Restaurants, club Finale as well as club Goldbar. From a distance, one can realize that this are the most exclusive places in big cities yet young people can access them at a fairer price. By mid-2016, Billy had managed to raise over three million dollars in funding to develop the company.

Also, he plans to make the services available in other 10 cities across the United States of America in just 12 months. The best thing about this card is that it allows you to get discounts at various places across the city. This may be clubs, restaurant, co-working spaces as well as hotels. To be a member of this prestigious club, all you have to do is part with $ 250 once per year.

Focus on the Lovaganza 2020 Celebrations

In the year 2020, there will be worldwide celebrations that will be inspired by Bohemian adventure, and expected to showcase all the cultures on earth. The celebrations are expected to have great and revolutionary entertainment from breathtaking appeals, action films and exhibitions. The LOVAGANZA 2020 celebrations are expected to be reminiscent of the ‘Cinerama’ classic feel, and nostalgia of the ‘World’s Fairs‘ of the old era. The celebrations will be inspired by every nation’s history, current and prospects in the world. They have been slated to run between May and September 2020 concurrently in eight flagship places around the world.

What will the celebrations entail?

LOVAGANZA 2020 celebrations will be used to showcase all the cultures present on earth via landmark and bedazzling entertainment. The organizers have planned to showcase them via motion pictures, immersive exhibitions, attractions and live events. All this will be used to live up to the theme of the Lovaganza dubbed “getting on a Bohemian voyage round the globe.”

Change of Dates

Although the event had been earlier scheduled for 2015, the organizers pushed the celebrations to 2020. Lovaganza was informed by the need to utilize the new entertainment technologies that are emerging, and incorporate novel cutting-edge notions. This will help in better realizing the experience of being exposed to the many different cultures present on planet earth. The celebrations will take place simultaneously in various locations among them Europe, Africa, America, Oceania, Asia and the Middle East. The four month long celebrations are expected to culminate with an unprecedented ceremony of Hands across the World.

Schedule Before 2020

Before 2020, there is a preceding schedule that has been planned to include a Traveling Show on Facebook, expected to start in 2017. The show will among other things be involved in promoting the upcoming 2020 celebrations, and the goals and missions behind it. It will also present a sample of some 3D immersive experiences via cinematic glasses-free of the Lovaganza across the globe. There will be three main motion pictures released before 2020. The motion pictures will be presented on traveling pavilions of the Lovaganza and viewed on the new 3D technology that is glassless. They will also be available for the standard 2D and 3D theaters. The preliminary film trilogy footage has started shooting in a number of countries that include Spain, France and the U.S. the shooting will then resume in India, Africa and other areas in the world.

Film Trilogy

During the traveling venues of Lovaganza, the film trilogy will be showcased on Immerscope screens that are groundbreaking, and create a never seen before cinematic experience that will be immersive. This would bring about the nostalgic feeling of the CINERAMA screens of a gone-by era. However, the exhibition of the Lovaganza event will be done on screens that depict the latest and leading technology edge of the present and future.


LOVAGANZA planning and branding protocol are organized in two structures: Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise for profit, and the Lovaganza Foundation for non-profit. The foundation uses the visibility and success of its profit venture to offer a positive impact and lend assistance to local and universal initiatives. See:

Doe Deere Does Life And Her Makeup Her Way

What does it take to make a successful business woman in today’s world? Some would say that it takes drive, ambition, tenacity, and you must have a novel idea. Others would argue that it takes a spirit that dares to be different, and a person must have wild hair. Or at least, that is what you would say if you were talking about Doe Deere. She has been known in the makeup world since 2008. She’s loud and proud, at least about her makeup color choices. She uses a pallet that you won’t find on many store shelves these days. She is a bit of a pioneer in the movement for a new type of makeup color wheel that had more than beige and black on it. She’s sensational!

Many people never look past her pink or purple hair to see what’s on the inside. She’s just like everyone else. She cries when she is frustrated and she loves intensely. In fact, her husband is right by her side. In a recent interview with Gossip to Gossip, she talked about her empire and running a family business. Not only is her husband with her, but her mother and sister also works in the company. She lives in Los Angeles, where her company headquarters is located. Deere lives very modestly in an apartment with her spouse and three cats. Her flare for the unusual is saved for her design.

She first started out as a musician. However, many don’t know that her first passion was where her iconic name came from. Playing around in a garage one day with her band, she long Russian name was just too hard to say. So, one of her friends started calling her Doe. They said she looked like a “deer in a headlight.” The name Doe Deere was born that day. While she may have dropped her Russian titles, she has never forgotten her heritage. She was born and raised in Moscow until she was around 17. She left her family, and she moved to New York’s Manhattan area. After spending a couple years in the inner city, she moved to Brooklyn. She accredits most of her learning experiences from her Brooklyn days. These were her formidable years where she learned about herself.

Deere has always favored bright colors and glitter sparkles. What else would one expect from someone who calls themselves the “Queen of the Unicorns?” Her flare for the exotic allowed her to see the need for this type of product in the industry. When she was frustrated from not being able to find the hues she wanted, she created them. She thought if she felt this way about the makeup, then others must too. She launched her first store on eBay. The storefront did great. In fact, it did so well she knew it was time to take the next step.

It’s been eight years since she opened Lime Crime. It’s been an epic journey filled with many ups and downs. However, she wouldn’t’ trade one minute of her journey. Her brand is more popular than ever before, and there’s no turning back.

Follow her @doedeere

Cone’s Recap on Taxation

Who Is Geoffrey Cone?
Geoffrey Cone is a lawyer in New Zealand. He studied law at the University of Otago, New Zealand where he got LLB honors and a post graduate diploma in tax and trust law. Cone began his career in 1980 when he was a partner and chairman in a leading law firm in New Zealand. He founded Cone Marshall Limited in 1999 in Auckland, New Zealand, the only company in the country which specialized in foreign trust and tax planning.

Recap of Cone’s response
The media coverage about New Zealand makes many think it to be a paradise, with wealthy merchandises. A lot of media coverage in this nation is due to taxation, however. New Zealand is a country with an open tax system, no tax evasion. It has never been featured on the OECD list of tax havens. In New Zealand, the tax is imposed, and it is transparent for other nations to see. The Laws in Netherlands do not prevent the exchange of information with other states. New Zealand is on the white list of the OECD for having employed the universally accepted tax standards. New Zealand does this through many ways which includes helping governments that demand relevant information regarding taxation.

New rules were introduced in 2006 by Michael Cullen. Foreign Trust Disclosure form (IR607) is submitted by New Zealand Foreign Trusts. The structure contains trust deed, trust’s assets and liabilities list, settlement and distribution as well as the income and expenditures of the trust. For those with business firms, the records of the accounting system are kept. Enactment of The world standard money Laundering Legislation requires that all tax records must be held in New Zealand and be recorded in English. Any nation which fails to do so is penalized.

Thirty-nine (39) tax agreements are designed to reduce tax impediments to cross-border trade and investment to prevent tax evasion in New Zealand. There are twenty (20) more tax information exchange agreements with other countries to avoid tax evasion. New Zealand is recognized by other nations as a safe and stable state when it comes to abiding by the law. This reputation makes New Zealand to be respected by other countries in the world. Credit should also be given to other trustees for creating an enabling environment in New Zealand. The skilled lawyers in the country make this possible. New Zealand competes with nations with transparent tax systems like the US, Singapore and Britain.

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Talk Fusion Aims at Taking Video Communications To New Heights.

Talk Fusion became a top communication program a few weeks after it was launched in many countries around the world. An Android Market discovery tool AppBrain ranked the Video Chat number one communication in Indonesia, fifth in Japan and 20th in Switzerland. It doesn’t take long to realize why Talk Fusion Video Chat has achieved such an instant popularity. The most incredible thing about the app is that it is smarter, faster, and compatible with many of the devices we can use to communicate. It is operating system independent and hence it doesn’t matter whether you are using Android, Windows, or any other operating system.

The recent success of Talk Fusion seems to be only the beginning as the global leader in video communication shows no intention of slowing down. The company had finally launched its highly awaited 30-day Free Trial to give a chance for prospective clients to try the service before subscribing to the full version. The new users will have the opportunity to access all the services provided in the full version for them to decide.

The company’s website has over the last three months valued more than 30,000 positions following a significant jump in the traffic data from page views and unique visitors. The Video Chat app is currently available for free in the Google Play and iTunes Stores. Talk Fusion is also reaching out to the charity organizations and non-profit foundations with its video communication tools.

The program aims at giving back to the community both locally and worldwide. The company has already changed the lives of orphans partly through this program, and Talk Fusion is already working closely with SPCA in ongoing work to help save thousands of animals in Florida. Talk Fusion products are already available in 140 countries to connect people around the world through the best and most recent video technology. Bob Reina founded the company, and it is also famous for introducing the first Pay Compensation Plan.