The Perfect Product for Fine Hair

Women that have thin and fine hair often find themselves discouraged with their results from hair care products. Shampoos and conditioners promising to deliver body and bounce end up making hair flat, limp and greasy. Enter WEN hair by Chaz the all in on one hair care product that has shampoo, conditioner, and a styling product all in one bottle. Yes, this system is easy to use, but is it effective? That is the question that Emily McClure asked and answered in her recent article posted on Bustle. Her experience, chronicled over several days, was very positive and she was quite pleased with the results that WEN gave!

Chaz Dean, the founder of the WEN hair care line, is the type of hair stylist that wants all of his clients to feel great. His compassion and skill have led him to become one of the most respected hair care professionals in Los Angeles, and his name and products are known all over Facebook. With humble beginnings in the industry, he began as an assistant in an LA salon, Chaz rose to the pinnacle of success in the hair and beauty world. After working as an assistant, and then a stylist, Chaz eventually bought the salon where he started out!

The success of WEN is no surprise, as Chaz Dean is known throughout the industry as compassionate, hard-working, and extremely talented. The love and passion that he feels for his work definitely shine through in the top quality of his products. Chaz wants all of his clients, as well as those that use his products, to feel beautiful every day. His hard work and dedication to his craft are how he has approached life throughout his entire career. Women with fine and thin hair finally have an effective product that works! Check out his products on local Sephora stores or online on eBay.


The Making of a Legend-Doug Levitt’s 10,000 Mile Journey

For the past decade, Doug Levitt has been embarking on a journey which involved leaving behind the comforts of the normal day job and following the less fortunate around the country in Greyhound buses. From his experiences, he was able to come up with a musical album that is titled ‘The Greyhound Diaries and also has lots of stories to tell about the human condition. Below are the things you may not know about Doug Levitt and the ideals that made him decide to embark on this journey.

Doug started out in the public school system in Washington. Doug Levitt is the son of Carol Schwartz, a member of the City council in Washington and also a mayoral candidate. After he graduated from high school, he joined Cornell University where he studied Astrophysics. However, when he was a sophomore, his father committed suicide. Being a teenager, this affected him a lot and he started thinking about the human condition. When he completed his undergraduate studies, he won a Fulbright Scholarship to study International Relations. He had been working as a foreign correspondent with some of the international media houses before he decided to quit in 2006 and start his journey and what Doug knows.

The journey hasn’t been easy for him. There are countless challenges he has had to face. For instance, when he was riding the Greyhound buses, he found himself having to deal with people who had been incarcerated before. He narrates one story whereby he came face to face with a neo-Nazi and had to share a seat with him all the way. The man narrated to him stories about being on the inside. The interesting bit about their interaction was the fact that the man even allowed Doug to sleep on his seat while he took up the floor and Doug of Twitter.

Other experiences that have shaped his book, the Greyhound Diaries include the time he spent in war torn countries such as Rwanda and Kosovo. He states that through the experiences that he has had for the past decade, he has been able to understand and appreciate people from all walks of life. Doug is now a guitarist and vocalist and is one of the most inspirational artistes around and read full article.

Alexandre Gama Provides Quality Advertising Help

If you’re searching for a reputable and experienced advertising professional in Brazil, check out Alexandre Gama – a leading advertising service provider in Brazil. Alexandre Gama renders expert assistance and advice to companies, institutions and entrepreneurs looking to achieve great success with their business marketing and promotions. He is well respected in the advertising industry due to his superior advertising solutions and passion for helping others reach their goal. As a highly successful entrepreneur and advertising professional, Alexandre Gama has high quality resources and a team of experts to help ensure the success of your advertising campaign. Numerous entrepreneurs and organizations rely on Alexandre Gama to generate appeal and customers to their business and boost revenue. His advertising management solutions are designed to help you become successful in your endeavor. To get started pursuing your goal of business success, contact Alexandre Gama right away. Click here to learn more about Alexandre Gama.

Good Eats at the Copa Star

Locals of Rio de Janeiro are buzzing about the latest restaurant in town. The only problem is that it is exclusively for hospital patients. The idea that hospital patients will only eat bland food is an idea of the past. The Copa Star private hospital has recruited world-class chefs to prepare meals for their high-class patients.

Greeted by a lobby with a grand piano and leather sofas, one might think that they are in a fancy hotel rather than a hospital. The finest artwork is displayed in the hallways. There are fine carpets, staff and nurses like servants, and large bedrooms for patients. There has never been a hospital like this in Brazil. Read more at Scoopnest about Copa Star.

Unlike the typical overcrowded public hospital, this hospital has extra large rooms with privacy for patients. Family members are allowed to stay in these hotel-like rooms with soundproof walls. The room will be optionally air conditioned with a view of the beach through the window.

The hospital will help serve the lacking cardiology and neurology niche in Rio de Janeiro. In the past, patients that needed specialists had to take a flight to Sao Paulo. It is now expected that patients from other parts of the country will be flying to Rio just to take advantage of this hospital. It is now equipped with surgery rooms, MRI scanners, and specialized operational rooms. There is now robot guided technology that will help doctors perform difficult surgeries with a nearly nonexistent failure rate.

Roderigo Samba guy from RAF architecture had led the design for this massive project. The idea was to take a design typical of five-star hotels and implement it into a modern hospital setting. Since its inception, the hospital was designed with luxury as the first priority.

The Penetration System uses crystalline technology to enhance the durability of the concrete structure. It is expected that the hospital should be in perfect shape decades longer than a typical build, even with the extreme humidity of Rio.

Copa Star also aims to be one of the most energy-saving buildings in the country. Thanks to their ingeniously designed ventilation system, the building will be cooled naturally with the minimal use of the HVAC system. The lighting system is also designed to be minimally used but instead lighted with outdoor light for most of the day.

With over 155 patient rooms and 59 intensive care rooms, the hospital requires a crack team of staff. The staff was trained through an intensive boot camp in order to prepare for the opening of the hospital. Life-sized dolls were used in training simulations of common emergency situations. The staff also has strict guidelines for clothing, makeup, and behavior in order to seem like a high-class servant.

Betsy Devos Role in America

Betsy Devos is an American woman born January 8,1958. She is now a businesswoman, philanthropist,politician, and activist. Betsy Devos is Americas United States Secretary of Education. She supports the idea of charter schools, school vouchers, and school choice.In 1992 to 1997, Devos was the Republican National Committeewoman for the state of Michigan. In 1996 to 2000,she also held the title as chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party, and was reelected in 2003. When President Trump was elected back in November of 2016, he nominated Devos to serve as Secretary of Education for his administration. Check this related article from

Betsy Devos wed to Dick Devos, the former CEO of a successful marketing company called Amway. She and her husband have giving away millions of dollars through their philanthropy foundation they started together in 1989. Their willingness to give to charities show their political views and conservative christian beliefs.In 2015, Dick and Betsy Devos gave over ten million dollars to a large number of organizations. The nonprofit Alliance for School Choice was awarded $100,000 by the Devos family.Donations were given to a variety of different christian related education groups, such as Grand Rapids Christian School Association; Christian Schools International; Ada Christian School Society,Rehoboth Christian School Association. When the Devos had school aged children of their own, they saw other families from lower income backgrounds struggling to keep their children in a christian school that was safe, and loving. It was then they knew they had to do something to help. Betsy uses her wealth to help find effective solutions for Americas school system. It is very important for children to have a strong, safe learning environment and teachers who care about the children’s education. The children of today are the mold of the future ahead of us all. Betsy Devos got involved by started a foundation that gave scholarships to low income families. Although, these scholarships were very helpful to some families it did not fix the over all problem. Still, most kids would not get the education they deserved, and Betsy was and still is committed to finding a solution to the overall struggle of the school system. Visit to know more about their foundation.

UKV PLC – Helping Wine Connoisseurs Get The Finest Of Wines From Across The Globe

The guide to understanding French wines by UKV PLC, one of the biggest online retailers of wines in the UK and Europe, makes it easier for the wine connoisseurs to pick and choose the right French wine as per their preference. The underlying reason why most people get confused when buying French wine is that the label on the wine bottle does not mention the type of grape used for wine production, but instead indicates the region of origin.

The UKV PLC’s guide suggests that it is because the French concept of Terroir, which means that the taste and the nature of wine depend on many factors other than the type of grapes used. These factors are soil quality, topographical conditions, climate, air quality, altitude, fermentation process, local traditions of winemaking, and so on.

UKV PLC’s French wine guide says that the best way to cut down complications of understanding French wine is to know about the French Appellation System that classifies fine wines as per the region of origin. So, once you know the different regions that produce wine and the kind of wine it produces, it becomes easier to classify wines as per the area of origin.


UKV PLC has one of the largest inventories of wines from around the globe in the UK, and the company has ensured that the prices of the wine it offers are competitive and reasonable. UKV PLC stocks regular as well as excellent vintage and collectible wines. For people who need help with wine selection, the in-house wine consultants at UKV PLC would be more than glad to help.

Learn more about UKV PLC at

How Oncotarget Is Expanding The Field Of Medicine

In 2010, Oncotarget was established by two doctors, Dr. Andrei V. Gudkov and Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny. Oncotarget is an online peer-reviewed scientific journal that is published on a weekly basis. The publisher is Impact Journals, LLC and the doctors both serve as editors-in-chief.

The primary mission of Oncotarget is to end disease as we currently know it. To accomplish this lofty goal, Oncotarget is provided with free-access and aims to make research quickly and widely available. While the journal started out focused on Oncology, today it includes a number of other medical specialties. By doing so, Oncotarget is focused on taking down the traditional borders between different specialties in order to foster cross-disciplinary research that will foster deeper understandings of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and other conditions.

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Another area of research that Oncotarget is focused on is the field of longevity. Researchers are exploring ways to slow down or even halt the aging process along with the diseases that are associated with aging. This includes many fields of research such as signal transduction pathways, dietary anti-aging, genetics, and other medical specialties. Dr. Blagosklonny is a strong advocate of using the cancer drug Rapamycin as a longevity drug. The way Rapamycin treats cancer is through TOR signaling and due to this shows extensive promise as a way to also halt aging.

Making sure that the research papers that are presented on Oncotarget meet the highest degree of trust, the scientific journal has a strong set of ethics and malpractice requirements that meet the toughest standards in the industry. As outlined on the journals “Publication Ethics and Publication Statements” web page, it follows the COPE Code of Conduct guidelines for authors, reviewers, editors, and publishers. Other standards that are followed at Oncotarget include the Best Practices Guidelines for Journal Editors. Read more about Oncotarget at Google Scholar.

People Go To Robert Santiago’s Mall For An Experience

When people first go to Roberto Santiago’s Maneira Shopping mall, they often go with the intention of just shopping. However, they find that they get an experience. They find themselves exploring the mall and finding themselves amazed at everything they have to offer. Also, depending on the type of venue that one is visiting, there is always something new. Some venues always have some kind of event that is being presented to people. One venue that is always being filled is the Domus Hall. This is where people go to listen to some of the favorite artists while they perform their top hits. Read more about the mall on

The mall is also very big and filled with a ton of features that are worth looking at. It is important for people to take a ton of walks throughout the place so that they will know where they can find their favorite stores. One of the best features about Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is that it has two floors. Often times, the larger malls only have one floor. This can make it a little harder and longer for people to explore the full mall. However, Manaira Shopping keeps with the traditional appearance of the shopping fashion mall with the escalators and the multiple floors.

All of these make room for people to have a one of a kind experience with Manaira Shopping. Also, one of the most important aspects of the mall is the type of food it offers people. The good thing is that there are many different types of restaurants. Each restaurant outside of the food court has a lot of effort put into it in order to bring forth something that is very unique to the customer. The whole aim is not just to give the customer good food, but to also provide a good and clean as well as relaxing environment for the customer. For one thing, the environment can influence the enjoyment of the food for the customer. If the customer feels very comfortable and joyful in the environment, then the perceived taste of the food will actually be a bit better to them. Read more articles on Blog Do Gordinho.

Jerry GoldStein and TheNew York Bar Helps Individuals Find Legal Resolution

“I want a lawyer.”

“Lawyer up.”

We hear these phrases repeated on a loop within every crime movie or police officer television program, so much so that they have begun to shape how the public sees finding legal representation within America. The idea is that by simply uttering the oft repeated phrase, “Get me my lawyer” and a legal representative is quickly made available to assist you in whatever trouble it is you may have found yourself. Although the truth is actually much more difficult, as the truth often is, and for many Americans finding legal representation during trying times is not only an elusive prospect but at times no more real than the shows that have shaped that misconception.


The New York State Bar Association and Jerry Goldstein Make It Easier For Individuals To Find Representation

In a direct response to the difficult reality of finding legal representation, the New York State Bar Association through its affiliate outreach division has created a web portal that will help New Yorkers connect with local law professionals simply by answering a few questions pertaining to the type of legal representation they require and their local area.


How it works…

The web portal ( connects New Yorkers with professionals such as Jerry Goldstein who has built a career on ensuring that his clients find the winning side within their legal resolutions, by analyzing the quick questionnaire each user submits. Once the paperwork has been analyzed and an appropriate match is found, the information is passed along to the web portal user. The entire process of connecting with legal representation in their area is completely free, though if the web portal user decides to follow through and schedule a meeting with their selected legal representative there is a small fee to facilitate that connection.


Finding Representation Often is the Only Way Clients Find Resolutions That Work in Their Favor

If you are facing legal problems, whatever the case, it is imperative you seek representation from professionals such as Jerry Goldstein to ensure that your day in court is a success.

If you would like to learn more about the web portal please click here.


Dr. Richard Shinto Able Leadership at Innovacare

InnovaCare is a leading healthcare provider in New Jersey and Puerto Ricco that has been on the forefront of providing quality Medicare to its patients. The health care providers have two main wings including the PMC Medicare Inc. and MMM Healthcare Inc. they also boast of a membership of over 200,000 individuals alongside 7500 providers. They also manage two Medicaid Plans within the Government plan. The healthcare unit is fully dedicated to providing quality healthcare and sustainable models with the leadership of their recently announced leaders. Dr. Richard Shinto is the CEO of the company with Penelope Kokkikodes acting as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Administrative Officer. The company focuses heavily on patient-provide relationships and bases most of its work on providing reliable healthcare solutions. The company has thrived under the able leadership of Dr. Richard Shinto who has been instrumental in steering significant facilitations within the organizations. This has come from a background of impressive accolades and of course working with the right team. Follow Innovacare at LinkedIn

Dr. Richard Shinto formally practiced pulmonary Internal Medicine in California and was the CEO of Normal American Medical Management. He acted as the COO of Medical pathways Management Company before that after working as the VP for Med Partners in the capacity of medical management. He was also the CMO for Cal Optima health Plan in 2012 and received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year Award. He also carries a medical degree from the New York State University alongside an MBA from Redlands University. His first degree was a BSc from the University of California.

He was the CEO of Aveta Inc. before this and also worked with NAMM in California as the CMO. He started his tenure practicing as a pulmonologist and intern in Sothern California. He also worked as a CMO in Orange County for Cal Optima and Med Partners as the Corporate President of Medical Management. He was the CMO and COO for the medical Pathways Management Company before that. Dr. Richard Shinto has a 20-year experience which has made him one of the most valuable resources Innovacare has. His prowess has also come from working closely with the likes of Penelope, who also has a 20-year experience working as a CMO and COO in different capacities all over the country. His strengths come with the ability to strategize as well as create innovative solutions and infrastructures that produce the right results. He has also been able to bring forth new technological advancements at InnovaCare Health that have seen the integration of management systems. Read more about Innovacare at