How George Street Photo and Video Services Combines Weddings and New York City

If you could choose the most incredible backdrop for your wedding pictures, it is hard to argue that New York City would rank near the top of that list. This city has everything from breathtaking beaches, stunning parks, and a skyline like no other.

At George Street Photo and Video Services, they have been helping married couples with the pictures at their weddings for years. When the bride wants pictures of he man on one knee, what better place than a cobblestone street in downtown. Perhaps she wants to recreate the day he proposed in Central Park, these photographers know how to get the job done.

With so many places to pick from in NYC, the George Street Photo and Video Services photographers can help you to develop a wedding album like no other. This really will become a cherished part of your wedding day that you will remember forever.

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Securus Technologies aims to reform inmates communications industry

Securus Technologies worries about the alarming charges made against many of the companies engaged in the inmate communications industry. The industry has been charged with price gouging the families of residents of correctional facilities. Residents of these facilities often have no other choice but to use the company provided. To improve the image of the industry, Securus filed a friend of the court brief in a case against Global Tel Link, or GTL.

The friend of the court brief, known only as Report #2, provides evidence that GTL was adding fifteen seconds of clock time to collect calls. The report further alleges that GTL charged for the same call more than once, and charged for a variety of add-on services. Prisoners incurred these charges whether the add-on services were used or not.

GTL is not the only company accused of using these techniques, but Securus is dedicated to reforming the industry and to reining in the industry’s unethical practices. The lawsuit against GTL was filed with the attorney general of the State of Mississippi. The suit further alleges that GTL used bribes to ensure it would be the only telecom provider for many correctional institutions.

Securus is a leading provider of ethical inmate communications services. Its recording technologies help prevent inmates from committing further crimes. Its latest efforts involve allowing video teleconferencing for inmates and their families.

EOS Works With Big Dreams

One of the things that people realize is that with big dreams, one needs to have a lot of focus and organization in order to make things happen. The people behind Evolution of Smooth had some big dreams. They have not only wanted to break into the industry of lip balm, they have also wanted to bring forth better products. However, there was a lot more to success than bringing forth EOS lip balm products. One had to have a plan in order to succeed. As people who tried marketing knows, it is very tricky for people to actually bring forth a successful product.

One of the factors that go into the success of a product is in social media advertising on Facebook and other platforms. The business owners need to come up with a plan for marketing so that they will be able to reach the audience and bring their products to the attention of the people watching. This can be a lot trickier than one would think. For one thing, there needs to be space sold to them where enough people go. At the same time, the marketing space that is sold to them needs to be sufficient enough to bring about a ton of sales.

Fortunately, EOS has taken the time to look for ways it could market its products. For one thing, the Lip Balm Company has also invited people to take part in the marketing aspects of the business. Among the things that people have done in order to market the product was review the item. This has helped spread the word about the benefits of the product, People have been able to look at the different shapes, flavors, and varieties of the EOS lip balm product in order to see the benefits it offers them. The deep moisture that comes from the ingredients makes sure that the lips experience greater health.

Marc Sparks Shows Why It Is Important For One To Be True To Himself

One of the most attractive aspects of being an entrepreneur is that one has the chance to be true to himself. He has the chance to find something that he is totally passionate about so that he can make a lot of money easily. However, his passion should go beyond money.

One thing that makes being an entrepreneur very important is that people are able to create their own products to sell. Given their creativity, they can come up with a new version of an item with enough uniqueness to actually attract a niche audience. They can earn enough out of this audience. Learn more about Marc Sparks:

According to GoodReads, Marc Sparks advises people to go after what they truly want and make sure that their business is a unique expression of who they are. This is one of the best ways to attract loyal customers. However, even those that are true to who they are and have a plan for how they want to go about their business can take a lot from the feedback of the customer.

For one thing, customers don’t have to just buy products from the company. They can also be encouraged to make other contributions to the company. After all, they influence the types of products that are being sold.

Marc Sparks has learned this lesson as an entrepreneur. For one thing, he has realized that successful businesses are those that take the time to reach out to customers. At least one has to do enough outreach in order to make people aware that the company exists.

Afterwards, the business owner has to make sure that they are given customers reasons to shop at the company. Marc knows the importance that customers have when it comes to business. Therefore, he advises that entrepreneurs be as respectful as possible to the customers.

Madison Street Capital Gains Public Accolades

Madison Street Capital is a leading boutique investment firm based out of Chicago. The firm, which was established around 10 years ago, has provided clients with a wide range of services including mergers and acquisitions, tax and estate planning, and investment management. While the Madison Street Capital reputation has always been positive with clients, it appears that they are now receiving the same level of accolades from their peers as well.


In the third quarter of 2016, Madison Street Capital received some great news that they were being nominated for several awards at a prestigious event in New York City. The award presentation, which is the annual M&A Gala and is held every November in Manhattan, does a great job of celebrating the top firms, individual professionals, and transactions of the preceding 12 months. Those that are employed in the field consider getting a nomination for an award to be one of the top levels of recognition available in the field.


During the 2016 nomination process, Madison Street Capital was nominated for two of the top awards available. The first award is the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year Award. This award is given to a firm that displays the ability to execute transactions while providing excellent customer service and dignity. Madison Street Capital was also nominated for the Deal of the Year Award. This award was specifically for M&A transactions that were completed for under $100 million. The deal that gained this level of attention was when Madison Street Capital helped to facilitate Dowco’s purchase of Acuna & Associates, which was a major competitor in the field.


Madison Street Capital has acknowledged that they are very honored to even be nominated for these awards. For a company that is still relatively young compared to its peers, this proves that the firm is well established and built to continue to grow and meet the needs of its clients.


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Jeffry Schneider – The Brain Behind Ascendant Capital

Ascendant capital LLC is a financial management based company having interests in varied sectors, like education, sales, marketing to name a few of the choicest of sectors. They have been developing at a tremendous rate, recording unprecedented and unheard of growth rates. Having developed a clientele base of over 250 clients and adding more every year at a prodigious rate!

But, all of this would be unthinkable without the man helming it, Jeffry Schneider! Since Jeffry Schneider’s arrival, the company has seen its fortunes turn for the better, in short period of five years it has gone up from 2 to 50 employees, managed a billion dollars worth of assets and advised more than 250 clients. All of it was achieved under the able leadership of one man, The Founder and CEO of Ascendant Capital.

Jeffry Schneider is a man with vision and belief. Even after the company showed such remarkable progress, he didn’t want to sit idle and reap the benefits of it all. He believes that in life only one part is constant “change”. You either grow or are trampled by your competition who are accommodating of change. Hence he has diversified the business into varied sectors encompassing the major arms of the business.

Jeffry Schneider is a man on the move, being a fitness and health enthusiast he has participated in many cross-country marathons. And if that wasn’t enough for one man, he is also closely involved in a lot of charitable organizations, to help play his part in making the world a better place to live in.


Brian Bonar:Almost Five Decades Of Business Excellence

For almost 50 years, when companies were looking for someone with the ability to ‘make things happen’ they have turned to Brian Bonar. Born in the United Kingdom, Bonar is a talented, knowledgeable, innovative, experienced businessman and an award-winning executive.

His effective work as a leader in a wide array of businesses and industries led to him being chosen ‘Executive of the Year in 2016 by Who’s Who Cambridge. Plus the Scottish entrepreneur is so well respected in Europe he was given the honorary title of ‘Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, Cardiff, Wales United Kingdom’.

Educated in the United Kingdom, Bonar graduated from Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Scotland with his BSC in Mechanical Engineering. He also earned an MBA as well as a PHD in International Business Development Studies from England’s Staffordshire University.

According to Crunchbase, Brian Bonar then spent the next 18 years working with IBM Europe as a procurement manager. Using his excellent educational background and the contacts and experience he got a IBM, Bonar then held a variety of positions in marketing, sales and leadership in a number of companies in the printing and technology industries.

A whiz with numbers and possessing superior business management skills, Brian Bonar has played a major role in guiding a variety of companies to success. Not only has he helped established companies like Adaptec, itec imaging technologies, Smart-tek Automated Services, The Solvis Group, and the Rastek Corporation to greater heights, he has also founded the printer technology company Bezier Systems and AMS Outsourcing.

Plus Bonar has been president and CEO of Dalrada Financial Services for over 18 years and president and CEO of the PEO, temporary staffing and insurance services company Trucept, since June 2011.

Recently Brian Bonar has begun to make a foray into the restaurant industry in San Diego, California. He hired award-winning French chef Patrick Pontasy and opened Bellamy’s. That restaurant is now a hit with locals and visitors alike. Then, bitten by the restaurant bug, Brian Bonar has decided to take it a little further.

He acquired a 144 acre plot of land and has built a restaurant and 4-star event space with a working farm. The project, called the Ranch at Brand’s Canyon, is causing quite a stir in the region and is now a dining and entertainment destination for a growing number of people.

Bloomberg has it that Brian Bonar’s motto is ‘innovate, re-invent and focus’ and he has the skill set to do just that. People that know him describe him as being bright, articulate and focused as well as intelligent and creative. He’s also known for being a gifted, caring leader that’s committed to developing the talents of his staff, giving them an opportunity to excel and getting the best out of them.

Jason Hope – Arizona’s Innovator For The Future

Among the business leaders of Scottsdale, Arizona, Jason Hope has made a name for himself as a man who looks to the future. A native of Tempe, Arizona, he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and a Masters in Business Administration from Arizona State University.

As the head of his own company, Jason Hope Business Consulting, he helps businesses in achieving increased profits, finding investors, and developing methods to raise capital. As a futurist, he has developed a keen interest in technology and has involved himself with the SENS Foundation (Strategic for Engineering Negligible Senescence) which is based at Cambridge University in England. Their focus is to help people live longer, and with a better quality of life. They believe it should be the focus of medical technology to prevent diseases from happening, rather than just developing new treatments once disease has taken hold. This involves developing regenerative medical procedures to treat conditions like Alzheimer’s and heart and lung disease.

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Jason has been deeply involved in philanthropic efforts and uses his assets to give back to the community. He is committed to making sure that all students in Arizona have equal access to a quality education. He recently contributed to the Phoenix Chapter of Teach for America, to help support and recruit teachers. He has taken a keen interest in the concept of “internet of things”. This idea states that it would be possible to link all the devices in your home or business to the internet so that they could communicate with each other, without human involvement. One outgrowth of this would be the development of smart technology in traffic systems to increase safety, perhaps even to control the driving of cars He also wants a greater application of computer systems and hand held devices to maximize connectivity.

Nationwide Title Clearing Shines the Light of Progress

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is located in Palm Harbor, Florida and is the clear choice for retail mortgage and title companies all over the United States. Established in 1991, Nationwide is the top choice with eight out of ten of the most successful mortgage bankers and title companies in the country.


Nationwide owes its success to hard work, attention to detail, excellent document processing techniques, and the very best employee training in the business. When a new employee is hired, he or she is transitioned into the company with the most intensive and detailed training possible, so then they are working with customers, the results are excellent, and the service is over the top.


The 450 plus employees also have available to them a robust advanced training module made up of over 100 courses that are instrumental in employee advancement. There are over 50 management and supervisory positions that are available through this coursework, and roughly three-quarters of the staff are consistently at work on these additional learning modules.


Nationwide is a great place to work because not many employees leave. The company is consistently voted as the best place to work by an independent polling agency as pointed out by the Tampa Bay Times in five out of the past six years.


Nationwide is well known for its accuracy, as it has the capability of locating title and source documents in every county in the United States. Even with paperwork that is still paperwork, and not digitally stored, Nationwide can find and verify signatures and the documents needed.


Nationwide boasts some very commendable success results with a 99.8 compliance rate and a less than 1% rejection rate in the sourcing and retrieval of documents. Nationwide can perform every function of a full-service document locating and verification service with the utmost accuracy and efficiency. While the speed of recovery is important, accuracy is not sacrificed, as the documents must be delivered with pinpoint accuracy, otherwise, the effort is in vain.


John Hillman, CEO of Nationwide, pointed out in a podcast taken from a recent industry meeting that compliance is a much bandied about subject industry-wide, but the companies who want to achieve it need to take action themselves. The need to set their standards at the highest level, and then publicly achieve those goals.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. has proven over the years that they mean what they say and that they deliver the best product in the mortgage industry. Results speak for themselves without any argument or equivocation.

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Choose Reliable Online Reputation Management Service

Are you on the lookout for top notch reputation management service? Want to have a great system that tracks conversation about your company and enables you to respond appropriately?

You will want to know what people see when they search your name or your brand online. You will want to make sure only desirable content about you shows up in search results. That’s where online reputation management professionals can help.

It is essential to know that you or your organization should always be the party taking control of your online credibility. places the management and monitoring of your online reputation into your hands. It is always your responsibility to take control of your online reputation.

Firms that have poor online reputation can have a major drop in sales and ultimately reduced revenue. It doesn’t matter if the particular entrepreneur or business enterprise has some of the best products in the industry or even if it provides superior services to customers. If the business’s online image is damaged it could have a substantial effect on sales.

When people want to make a buying decision, they rely on what they find online about companies they are researching. These days, any individual company can go online and post a comment or review about your company or your personal profile, and cause serious damage to your reputation. It is advisable to take proactive steps in protecting your reputation so you will be able to suppress negative content and push up positive content about you or your company.

There are many companies with a team of reputation management experts catering to both businesses and individual clients. These professionals have the resources and skills to render the required reputation monitoring and reputation repair solutions to clients and can guide you in achieving your objective.

By using the expert services of a well established team of reputation management professionals, you can take complete control of your reputation online. With their service, you don’t need to worry about how people perceive you. Hence, you can focus on operating your business.